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What InnerLight Publishes

Our mission includes a commitment to publish work by new authors.

InnerLight Publishing publishes emerging and mid-career authors. A resume, including a list of prior publications can strengthen your submission. Although this is important, part of our mission is to present first novels. We are excited to review visions by new writers and published authors as well.

InnerLight publishes the following:

  • Literary novels
  • Poetry collections
  • Essays
  • Metaphysical nonfiction
  • Short story collections

InnerLight publishes books that have themes that uplift, metaphysical themes, and themes that focus on making the world better. We do not accept submissions for genre fiction such as mysteries, Gothic romances, Westerns, or science fiction.

About Submissions

InnerLight Publishing does not accept, acknowledge, or return submissions for genre fiction such as mysteries, Gothic romances, Westerns, or science fiction.

InnerLight considers only literary novels, poetry collections, essays, metaphysical nonfiction, and short-story collections in the form of manuscripts or queries.

In order for any submission to be considered, we need the following to be included:

  • Resume
  • Previously published clips Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage (if you wish your manuscript to be returned).

Please send manuscripts and queries by mail. Submissions should be typewritten and not include more than five chapters for a novel. If additional chapters are required, InnerLight will request a full manuscript. All other submissions should be no longer than 2,000 words.

Due to the enormous volume of material received, InnerLight Publishing regrets that we cannot discuss queries or manuscripts over the phone. The editorial staff will try to respond to queries and manuscripts within 45 to 60 days.