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Reader Response to
The Venus Chronicles:
Musings from the Feminine Side

by Carol Gee

The Venus ChroniclesCarol Gee has written a humorous, thoughtful account of the journey into womanhood. Her down-to-earth prose and witty insights are especially real to women of color but are relevant to all women . . . . a refreshing addition to the literary world.

- Melanie Murphy


Thank you Carol Gee for writing a book we all can relate to. The Venus Chronicles is a page by page journey of humor, candor and nostalgia. In a world often burdened with the seriousness of the issues of the day, this read is a welcome retreat of sisterhood.

I enjoyed reading Carol's book The Venus Chronicles: Musings from the Feminine Side. I find myself laughing as we read each of the 30 vignettes. It was easy and enjoyable quick reading when I had the time to relax for a few minutes. A funny experience happened between my husband and me in regards to Carol's book. I usually leave Carol's book at my end table next to my bed. When I was finished with it, I placed it on the bookshelf with the other fun reading books. One evening, my husband was looking for the book and asked me where I'd placed Carol's book. I told him where it was. He was annoyed. Seeing that I was perplexed by his annoyance and surprised that he had been reading the book, he explained that he likes to read the vignettes when he goes to the bathroom. My husband said that Carol's writing reminds him a just bit of Dave Barry. My husband enjoys Dave Barry's writing. I was pleasantly surprised that he read it. I recommend the book for both men and women for a leisurely reading.

- Aileen


This book is so entertaining and funny. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of sharing with other women about the book, we all agree that it is a wonderful work of art. The amazing things is how your stories take us back to life experiences that we never realize were shared among so many others. It's as if we all grew up in the same neighborhood. Again, thank you for sharing your remarkable ability to make us laugh and cry at the same time.

I had a friend say she just howled at the stories.

I have enjoyed Venus Chronicles tremendously, it is a pleasure to read something so pleasant and thought provoking. While my day may not be going well, reading just one story could change it too one of humor and laughter. The stories reminded me of things in the past and the silly day to day adventures ladies sometimes face. It's been a joy to read and I hope there is more to come in the future.

There are so many things that I have wondered about the world of women and things I've never imagined. Carol Gee's short pieces are funny and revealing, human and three-dimensional. As a man, this isn't a workbook to make me more sensitive, or encourage me to leave the toilet seat down, but it's a wonderful ride that lets me in on her "scene" with every piece. I can't wait for her next one.

- Robert Brown


Carol Gee's, The Venus Chronicles: Musing from the Feminine Side, is an open diary every woman should have. I have not laughed and cried at the same time in a long time. I'm a sentimental fool, just lay me away. To this day I'm still the layaway Queen as a matter of fact I have my new living room table set on layaway right now. If I can't afford to pay for it when I want it just let me lay it away and it's mine baby! 30-60 days to pay, I can do that!

I cherish the memories from shopping with Helena to Vaseline, which my house is never without. It's one of the best-kept secrets from healing to gleaming. I never met a bra that fit just right and a girdle that didn't bite. Those unfriendly panties, "too funny." In the year 2002 bologna is still going strong in my house. My grandchildren love my bologna sandwiches with cheese please! And don't forget the Kool-Aid. You go girl. Thanks for keeping it on the real.

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